ScottMadden Helps TVA Execute Nuclear Security Upgrade

ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading energy consulting firms, recently assisted TVA Nuclear to execute its Security Upgrade Project to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations 10 CFR 73.55 and meet its NRC commitment dates.

 The project included upgrades to the fleet’s security hardware (cameras—infra-red, pan-tilt zoom, and fixed—hand geometry units, and badge readers/accountability readers) and the installation of physical barriers such as underground pathways and ballistic shielding. 

TVA sought project management support to standardize the fleet’s project organizations, to define a common baseline schedule, to track budget performance, and to establish and run the Project Management Organization (PMO). Senior management also requested the design of a detailed unit/unit rate schedule for its fleet to track the installation of site hardware and testing. 

ScottMadden joined with the fleet project manager and site project managers to successfully collaborate to meet the NRC commitment dates for all sites. “The combination of strong fleet and site project managers plus the adherence to the rigor of a well-run PMO created a very successful capital project,” says Dave Schavey, TVA’s Vice President of Nuclear Business Operations. “The concepts applied here also provide extremely high value to senior leaders as they oversee and manage major capital projects.”