NuScale Passes 100-Patent Mark For Small Modular Reactor Technology

With the recent validation of its evacuated containment patents in the  US, Europe and Asia, NuScale Power, LLC, announced today that its  portfolio now contains 108 patents granted or pending in 17 North  American, European and Asian countries.

NuScale’s robust patent development and protection program actively  identifies and protects its designs and innovations in nuclear  technology—focusing on key innovations for Small Modular Reactors  (SMRs). NuScale’s portfolio includes patent filings related to advanced  safety features, enhanced fuel performance, SMR scalability and  modularity, and many other nuclear innovations. 

In June, NuScale announced it had received a US Patent for its Steam  Generator Flow By-Pass System which relates to a system for removing  decay heat from its reactor. 

In April, NuScale announced a major technological breakthrough whereby  the NuScale Power Module does not require any operator action,  electrical power—alternate current (AC) or direct current (DC)—nor  additional water beyond system inventory, to achieve indefinite cooling  in a station blackout condition, like that encountered at Fukushima  Daiichi.