NRC Monitoring Event at Arkansas Nuclear One

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has activated its incident response center in Arlington, Texas, following the declaration of an Unusual Event at the Arkansas Nuclear One nuclear power plant. The plant, operated by Entergy Operations, Inc., is located in Russellville, Ark.

The Unusual Event was declared by operators at 8 a.m. CST after Unit 2 experienced a transformer explosion in an electrical switchyard. The interruption of electrical power to Unit 2 caused protective systems to shut down the reactor.

Operators will keep the Unit 2 reactor offline while the cause of the explosion is investigated and a determination is made on what repairs are necessary. Unit 1 remains operating at about 95 percent power.

No radiation releases have been reported. Power is being supplied to Unit 2 by an emergency diesel generator and one source of offsite power and plant conditions are stable. There are normally two sources of offsite power.