Green Hygienics advances its battery storage system

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – Dec 12, 2013) – Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: GRYN) is pleased to announce it has signed a Partnership Agreement for the commercialization of a Patented Hybrid Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (HVRFB) or “BIONBATTERY.” The technology is a game-changer in the mass energy storage industry.

It is widely recognized that alternative energy solutions such as Wind and Solar have been in great need of a cost-effective energy storage solution. But, the technology simply hasn’t been there, or was too expensive to make a business case. A safer, lower cost HVRFB has the potential to provide an answer to this critical need. There is a vast potential opportunity of offering a combined fuel cell/battery solution in particular for Wind and Solar with mass-storage battery solutions. This is particularly true where there is a significant difference between times of low demand and peak-demand for power.

The HVRFB basically involves optimization of the stacks (cells) to properly manage the characteristics (viscosity, flow-rates, etc.) of the new electrolyte fluids. There are numerous factors regarding the new technology from a technical, commercialization and business point of view that give it a leading edge in the industry.

Lower Costs – The US DOE studies have estimated broad commercialization and adoption of mass-storage of electricity in the USA would require a cost-threshold of $750/KWh. This is the figure stated by the US Department of Energy as the cost barrier of mass storage batteries to be adopted for widespread use. Currently, batteries in this class are estimated to be at approximately $1750/KWh. The HVRFB technology can provide a battery energy solution with a cost well below this threshold. The Energy Research Laboratory for the project is one of 17 major DOE labs in the USA, which produces more commercial products than any of the others. They are unique in the system of DOE Labs as they have been key drivers for commercialization contracts with private industry.

Higher Ambient Temperature Operations – The HVRFB will operate with a broader ambient temperature range (-10C to 65C). This will potentially eliminate the need for special heat management system requirements in all but the most extreme operational environments, which will again reduce overall costs.

Better Safety Profile – The combination of less corrosive materials, readily available and less costly stack materials, and lower operating temperatures which allow use of the batteries in higher ambient temperature conditions, will combine to provide a significantly safer operational profile for the HVRFB.

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