30% renewables urged for EU

On Nov. 13, eight European companies call for a strong 2030 EU climate and energy framework based on mutually reinforcing tools and targets, including an ambitious and legally binding target for the share of renewable energy in the energy mix of more than 30%. 

Collectively, the group represents 176,000 jobs and over €250 billion annual turnover and is providing European cleaner generation technologies, equipment and energy to more than 70 countries worldwide, according to the statement posted on the Gamesa website.

 A legally binding renewable energy target for 2030 will allow the long-term cost reductions in renewable energy technologies to continue by enabling industrialisation and economies of scale, as proven by the sustained progress of the more mature technologies over the last decade. A renewable energy target for 2030 is needed for Europe’s households and industries to reap the benefits of a European energy policy that favours clean and indigenous energy sources and technologies.