Surry Power Station Begins Unit 1 Refueling Outage

Operators at Surry Power Station removed Unit 1 from service over the weekend for a scheduled refueling and maintenance outage after operating continuously for 500 days since its previous refueling outage in the spring of 2012. This was the unit’s second best breaker-to-breaker run following the 507-day run achieved in April 2000.

During the outage, one third of the reactor fuel will be replaced with new fuel and a number of maintenance activities will be performed. Also, personnel will inspect the reactor vessel, which contains the fuel during operation, and its support structures. This detailed inspection is performed every 10 years and is also being done in accordance with the unit’s renewed operating license.

A key activity during this outage is the installation of mechanical and electrical tie-in connections for hoses and external power supplies that could be used in a beyond-design-basis emergency to provide cooling water and electricity to the facility. This work incorporates the lessons learned from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi accident in Japan, which experienced the loss of all electrical power following the earthquake and tsunami that flooded the station.

The Surry refueling outage is the last of two scheduled fall outages Nuclear Business Unit. The first was North Anna Unit 1, which was completed on Oct. 17.