Sierra Club: New Jersey residents support offshore wind

Monday, September 30, 2013

TRENTON – Today the Sierra Club released a new poll conducted by Monmouth University showing strong public support for developing more renewable energy, including offshore wind power, in New Jersey.

In response, the Sierra Club launched an aggressive new advertising campaign that includes billboards, online and newspaper advertisements with images of Jersey beaches using the tagline: “The Jersey Shore is known for a lot of things. Let’s make wind power one of them.”

According to the poll, 75% of New Jerseyans favor building offshore wind in the state, and about two-thirds favor Governor Christie making offshore wind a priority for his administration. The poll also found that two-in-three New Jerseyans believe building offshore wind would strengthen New Jersey’s economy.

“As a New Jersey native, I’m proud of the work we’ve done on clean energy, but now it’s time to take the next step. I join the majority of New Jerseyans calling on Governor Christie to make our state a leader in clean, renewable offshore wind power. New Jerseyans, like most Americans, understand that investing in offshore wind will grow our economy and create good local jobs at a time when we need them the most,” said Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club.

As part of an effort to demonstrate this strong public support and urge Governor Christie to take action, the Sierra Club launched an aggressive new ad campaign featuring billboards along 1-95 and Rt. 29 into Trenton, full page ads in some of the state’s largest newspapers and a comprehensive online initiative directing people to a petition to Governor Christie.

The campaign is urging the Governor to implement the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act, which he signed into law more than three years ago. Since then, progress has stalled. The state’s Board of Public Utilities has failed to implement the Governor’s initiative and set the required financing rules which would attract offshore wind businesses and builders to the state.

“The majority of New Jerseyans want Governor Christie to make offshore wind a priority. He took the first step more than three years ago when he signed our offshore wind law. Now our families are counting on him to finish the job so we can get to work building offshore wind power off our world-famous shores,” said Michele Cooklin, a grandmother, teacher and volunteer activist who is leading an effort to engage local businesses that support offshore wind development.