McCaskill announces Missouri SMR grant

WASHINGTON – Continuing her strong advocacy for the development of the Small Modular Reactor (SMRs) industry in Missouri, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill said Oct. 22 that a new grant awarded to the University of Missouri, focusing on providing guidance and innovation in that sector, will be a boost to Missouri jobs.

The competitive award totals $1,842,977 and included $463,518 provided by the Economic Development Administration and $1,379,459 from the Employment and Training Administration. This grant will support planning, research, and technical assistance for Missouri manufacturers entering the clean energy industry-focusing on the manufacture of SMRs, assisting Missouri manufacturers become part of a supply chain for SMR production and assessing the education, training, and certification needed to assure a workforce to support this industry.

“This award to our flagship university is further evidence that Missouri is perfectly situated to lead the nation in the development of this important industry,” McCaskill said. “Ultimately, we want our institutions of higher education to provide our state with opportunities and resources that can lead to job creation-and that’s exactly what I believe this grant will do.”

This award was funded through the Make it in America Challenge, a national competition that seeks to encourage foreign and domestic businesses to build and/or expand their operations in the United States. 

McCaskill has previously written to the Department of Energy voicing her strong support for an application by Westinghouse to build Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in Missouri. She also authored a recent opinion piece in Rural Missouri Magazine discussing the job creating potential of the small modular reactor industry in Missouri.