DOE Awards $60 Million for Nuclear Energy Research

Oct. 1, 2013—The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded more than $60 million to universities, national laboratories and industry to fund nuclear energy research.

The awards come from two programs administered by DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy. The Nuclear Energy University Programs will provide about $42 million for 61 university-led research and development projects and $5 million to 15 colleges and universities to support their research reactor and infrastructure improvements.

NEUP also awarded $5 million to an “integrated research project,” to be led by the University of Michigan. It teams six other universities, five national laboratories and three industrial partners with French and British participants “to test the long-term behavior of advanced reactor materials under radiation.”

In addition to the NEUP programs, the Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies program will provide $9 million to support 13 research and development projects focused on advanced manufacturing methods, reactor materials, and advanced sensors and instrumentation.