Product Update: New Optimized Search Engine in TransmissionHub

In response to customer feedback, PennWell Hubs Services has recently deployed an improved search function. A simple keyword search now produces relevant results categorized as Intelligence, Documents and Projects. With an ever-growing database of over 3,000 articles, 10,000 industry documents and 900 transmission projects, the new categorized results feature will become an invaluable tool.

The new function is easy-to-use; after typing in your search keyword(s) with space between them (no commas) – simply navigate the results screen using the section tabs. The numbers represent how many of each result type were located. Click on any of the results to open them.

“Intelligence” refers to our proprietary industry articles and news stories. The “Documents” tab is where you will find pertinent filings regarding rulings, investor presentations, project maps and FERC forms. Our project profiles matching your search terms will be found under the “Projects” tab.  Open the link below for a short video discussing the new navigation feature.  It’s best viewed in 1040p HD (YouTube settings) in full screen mode. 

Don’t hesitate to call us to set up a brief overview of the new enhancements. We look forward to serving you.