Posey named to chair Mississippi Public Service Commission

JACKSON, MS. (9/10/13) —Today, Central District Commissioner Lynn Posey was unanimously elected Chairman of the Mississippi Public Service Commission.

The three-member panel voted immediately after the swearing in of newly appointed Commissioner Stephen Renfroe.

“I am honored to serve the Commission as Chairman. I look forward to serving beside Commissioner Stephen Renfroe and Commissioner Brandon Presley. The Public Service Commission works to protect the interests of the ratepayer and ensure proper utility regulation. This is what we will continue to do,” said Posey.

The Public Service Commission is responsible for regulating telecommunications, electric, gas, water and sewer utilities. The agency is charged with assuring that rates and charges for services are just and reasonable, that the service rendered is reasonably adequate, and that any facilities constructed or acquiredare required for the convenience and necessity of the public. Additionally, the Agency exercises safety jurisdiction over gas pipelines and has area jurisdiction over all public utilities. In carrying out its responsibilities, the Commission answers complaints, makes investigation and conducts both formal and informal hearings.