Ontario Energy Association recommends changes to energy policy making

Ontario’s leading energy association is releasing a detailed policy platform today that recommends changes to how, when and where energy policy decisions are made in Ontario.

“Energy policy is critically important to the prosperity and well-being of the people of Ontario,” says Ontario Energy Association (OEA) Interim President and CEO, Mel Ydreos. “These policy and regulatory recommendations were developed after thorough consultation with our members and industry experts. We urge all political parties to review this platform thoroughly. We feel these recommendations are critical to ensuring the Ontario energy industry remains competitive, efficient, and effective.”             

The five point energy platform was launched by the OEA at the highly anticipated ENERGYCONFERENCE13.  

The energy platform makes the following five recommendations:

1.Energy policy decisions should be transparent and based on evidence and consultations.

2.Government should dramatically reduce its powers to intervene in energy decision making.

3.Energy sector institutions should have clear and explicit roles and responsibilities, with independence of decision making and regular accountability for their actions.

4.Energy policies should be stable, reviewed on a fixed schedule, and prior investments should receive the full support of the government for their planned lives.

5.Government should work with the energy sector to develop and implement new strategies for the siting and permitting of critical infrastructure across the province.

To download the full energy platform visit http://www.energyontario.ca/images/ENERGYPLATFORM/OEA_Energy_Platform.pdf.