NRC names new resident inspector at Arkansas Nuclear One

September 9, 2013

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has selected Matt Young as the new resident inspector at the Arkansas Nuclear One power plant, located near Russellville, Ark.

“Matt’s background and experience will assist the NRC in carrying out its mission of protecting people and the environment and ensuring the safe operation of nuclear power plants,” said NRC Region IV Acting Administrator Steven A. Reynolds.

Young joined the NRC’s Region IV office in Arlington, Texas, in 2006. He graduated from the agency’s Nuclear Safety Professional Development Program. Young has also worked as a reactor inspector in the Division of Reactor Safety, performing engineering inspections. He holds bachelor degrees in mechanical and nuclear engineering, and a master’s degree in nuclear engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

Each U.S. commercial nuclear power plant has at least two resident inspectors. Young joins senior resident inspector Brian Tindell and resident inspector Abin Fairbanks. They serve as the agency’s eyes and ears at the facility, conducting inspections and monitoring significant work projects.

The Arkansas Nuclear One resident inspectors can be reached at 479-968-3290.