Eco Power says its technology can meet Obama coal-control goals

Eco Power Solutions (USA) Corp. (EPS), a leading provider of advanced, multi-pollutant air quality control systems, said Sept. 25 that capture rates of up to 90% are achieved with its patented CO2 capture technology.

The technology has been demonstrated at EPS’ Technology Center in Louisville, Ky., using its MP-AQCS (Multi-Pollutant Air Quality Control System) Reactor Module.

On June 25, President Barack Obama laid out the aggressive plan for the U.S. to fight climate change and carbon emissions. On Sept. 20, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced its revised proposed standards to limit CO2 emissions from new power plants as well as plans to eventually work out limits on existing power plants.

“To meet current and future environmental standards, fossil fueled power generation and industrial facilities must address enacted or proposed Greenhouse Gas emissions regulations globally,” said Tom Bartolomei, President and CEO of Eco Power. “Our multi-pollutant control technology which includes our ability to capture CO2 is a cost effective approach to address emissions and climate change and provides the opportunity for clean and reliable base-load power generation that is both cheaper and more flexible than many current sources of renewable power.”

EPS’ CO2 Capture Module can be fitted independently of its multi–pollutant emission control technology for coal, natural gas and other fossil fuel-based plants with existing air quality control equipment already installed on a given facility. The process is patented by Eco Power Solutions and is capable of capturing up to 90% of CO2 emissions from coal, natural gas and other fossil fuel based plants. The captured CO2 has a purity of over 90% which can be utilized in many CO2-based applications, including enhanced oil recovery (EOR), a proven carbon sequestration and revenue earning opportunity which requires large quantities of anthropogenic CO2 to reach its potential.

“With a projected cost of $20-$30 per ton of CO2 removed depending on the application, our CO2 capture technology has the potential to contribute immediate net income to a power generation or industrial facility when the captured CO2 is utilized in applications where there is a market for CO2, such as enhanced oil recovery,” added Bartolomei.

Eco Power Solutions, headquartered in Boston, Mass., provides an advanced suite of emissions control solutions that include a Multi–Pollutant Air Quality Control System (MP-AQCS Reactor Module) and a CO2 capture and conversion system. EPS’ all–in–one MP-AQCS Reactor Module and CO2 Capture Module capture both regulated and unregulated air pollutants including CO2 from emissions sources including fossil fuel-fired power plants and industrial facilities.