TransmissionHub Project Review June 2013

Six projects came onliine in June with an estimated cost of $844.1m.  ATCO Electric’s Hanna Region Transmission development was the largest at an estimated cost of C$764m.  The project involved over 217 miles of 240 kV construction.  

New projects were announced in West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Montana.  The Connect New York HVDC Project is sponsored by Iberdrola S.A. and involves 53.3 miles of underground cable at an estimated cost of $633m.  The line is expected to have a carrying capacity of 1,000 MWs when complete.  

Significant changes were announced for nine projects.  Porland General Electric’s Cascade Crossing Project has been cancelled — originally scheduled for completion in 2014.  The 214 mile Northern Pass transmission project has been delayed from 2016 to 2017.  The estimated cost of construction of BC Hydro’s Northwest Transmission Line has been increased from $617m to $736m.  

For the complete list in tabular form open the document link to the right.