Missouri PSC approves two proposed 345-kV transmission projects

The Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) on Aug. 7 approved an application granting Transource Missouri a conditional certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) for the proposed Iatan-Nashua and Sibley-Nebraska City 345-kV transmission projects in northwest Missouri (PSC Docket No. EA2103-0098).

In granting the conditional CCN, the PSC noted that the need for the projects was demonstrated by studies performed by SPP in 2009 and 2010.

“The studies demonstrated that the projects will improve electric grid reliability, minimize transmission congestion effects, bring economic benefits to SPP members, and help support public policy goals regarding renewable energy,” according to the commission’s order. “The studies also demonstrated that the projects will provide estimated benefits and savings that exceed the projects’ estimated costs.”

Among other things, the CCN is conditioned upon the developers filing the final routes for the Sibley-Nebraska City project, and the PSC approving those routes, according to the order.

The Iatan-Nashua project, which is sponsored by Transource Missouri, is a 30-mile line originating at the Iatan Generating Station in Missouri and terminating at Nashua substation.

Construction of the Iatan-Nashua line will include retiring and removing the southern portion of the existing 161-kV Alabama-Nashua line. The corridor will then be used to construct the eastern segment of the Iatan-Nashua project. The remaining portion of the existing 161-kV line, which runs to the Alabama substation near St. Joseph, Mo., will remain intact and energized at 161-kV as a radial line and will not be a part of the new 345-kV facilities, according to the PSC’s order approving the projects.

The Alabama substation is owned by Kansas City Power & Light’s Greater Missouri Operations Company.

The Iatan-Nashua line is estimated to cost $64.8m and is scheduled for completion in 2015.

The Sibley-Nebraska City project consists of two segments: the Nebraska City to Maryville segment and the Sibley to Maryville segment.

The Nebraska City to Maryville segment is 70 miles long, originating at Nebraska City, Neb., and terminating at Maryville, Mo. where it will tie into the Sibley to Maryville line. The project is estimated to cost $160.6m and is expected to be in service in 2017.

The Sibley to Maryville segment is 110 miles long, originating in Sibley, Mo., and terminating at a substation in Maryville where it will connect to the Nebraska City to Maryville segment. The project is estimated to cost $239.6m and is expected to be in service in 2017.

Both segments of the Sibley-Nebraska City project are sponsored jointly by Transource Missouri and Omaha Public Power District (OPPD). Transource is responsible for 95% of the costs and OPPD is responsible for 5%.

Transource Missouri is a wholly owned subsidiary of Transource Energy, which was established by Great Plains Energy (GPE), the companies’ parent corporation, and American Electric Power (NYSE:AEP) to build wholesale regional transmission projects within SPP, as well as other regional transmission organizations.