Grand River to use less coal

The Grand River Dam Authority Board of Directors approved an electric generation resource plan that would increase natural gas and wind energy capacity. The increase in capacity would help offset the closure of Unit 1 at the GRDA Coal Fired Complex in Oklahoma.

According to the plan, gas generation will increase from 25 percent of total capacity to 45 percent. Wind generation will increase from approximately 3 percent of total capacity to 13 percent. Hydroelectric generation is not expected to significantly change. 

Currently, coal provides 45 percent of GRDA’s capacity, and that will be brought down to about 17 percent. Unit 2 at the Coal Fired Complex will continue to operate and have its air pollution control equipment upgraded. The unit is already equipped with a flue gas desulfurization system, or scrubber, to remove sulfur emissions, and other emissions controls will be upgraded to meet the latest standards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. GRDA said it plans to have the upgrades completed by December 2015.