CL&P seeks Connecticut regulatory approval on maintenance project

Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) is seeking state regulatory approval in Connecticut to begin electrical construction work on a maintenance project.

Northeast Utilities Service Company, as agent for its affiliate, CL&P, submitted on July 26 a petition requesting that the state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) approve the method and manner of construction and provide permission to energize the South Meadow Substation to Bloomfield Substation Line, or the 1779 Line NERC Facility Rating Alert Project.

A Northeast Utilities (NYSE:NU) spokesperson told TransmissionHub on Aug. 30 that the project is maintenance work that will replace one steel lattice tower with two steel monopoles to maintain mandatory line clearances.

The Connecticut Siting Council approved the project earlier this month, the spokesperson said, adding that CL&P requires PURA approval on the “Method & Manner of Construction” before electrical construction can start on the structures.

“We do not have a final cost estimate for this work,” he said.

According to the petition, the proposed construction will take place between the South Meadow substation and the Bloomfield substation in the town of East Hartford, within the existing CL&P right of way.

The project, whose entire length is about 0.2 miles, involves replacing one existing 115-kV double circuit lattice tower that supports six phases, one conductor per phase at a voltage of 115-kV at 60 Hz frequency with two 115-kV single circuit wood poles that will each support three phases, one conductor per phase at a voltage of 115-kV at 60 Hz.

As noted, the project will replace one double circuit lattice tower with two single circuit wood poles. The two wood pole structures will be about 90 feet in height above ground. The company also noted that the project will not cross over or under circuits and facilities of other utilities or municipalities. Furthermore, the project does not include underground line construction.

If approved, construction is expected to be complete by Nov. 1, and the project will be re-energized during and after construction, the company added.

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