Wisconsin Energy board elects Leverett president

The board of directors of Wisconsin Energy Corporation (WEC) named Allen L. Leverett president, effective Aug. 1.

Leverett, 46, currently serves as an executive vice president of Wisconsin Energy and head of the company’s power generation group.  He will succeed Gale E. Klappa as president of the corporation.  Klappa, 62, will continue as chairman of the board and chief executive officer.  Klappa has held all three positions since May of 2004. 

“Allen has extensive experience in system planning, finance, strategy development and every aspect of our power generation business.  He has been a key contributor to our success over the past decade, and today’s announcement recognizes his excellent leadership skills and his broader operational role in the company,” Klappa said.  “Allen and I will continue to work closely together to deliver exceptional service for our customers and ongoing value for our stockholders.”

Leverett was appointed president and chief executive officer of We Generation in March of 2011.  Today, he has overall responsibility for Wisconsin Energy’s electric generation portfolio, fuel procurement, environmental compliance and the company’s strategy for renewable energy development.  He also leads the company’s human resources group.