Operation of Dominion Virginia Power 230-kV project delayed until June 2014

A 230-kV transmission project in Arlington County, Va., is now slated to be placed in service by June 2014, instead of later this month, following the Virginia State Corporation Commission’s (SCC) July 12 decision granting a motion by Virginia Electric and Power d/b/a Dominion Virginia Power that sought the extension.

The company filed its motion on July 8, the SCC said, adding that the company previously established an in-service date of July 31 for the project, but now seeks approval to complete construction and place the facilities in service by June 1, 2014.

Dominion Virginia Power, which is a subsidiary of Dominion Resources (NYSE:D), said it has made progress on the project, but has encountered delays in delivery of equipment required for the construction, the SCC said.

According to the motion, the SCC issued its final order in July 2010 approving the construction and operation of the company’s proposed two new 230-kV underground transmission lines to be created by cutting into existing 230-kV underground Glebe-Davis Line #2036 near the existing Davis substation and extending each resulting section of the existing Line #2036 about 2.6 miles from the splice point to a new 230-kV Radnor Heights switching substation, thereby creating two new 230-kV underground circuits of pipe type cable to the new Radnor Heights substation: Glebe-Radnor Heights Line #2306 and Davis-Radnor Heights Line #2121.

Also approved was the company’s proposed new 230-kV underground transmission line to run as an extension of the existing 230-kV Clarendon-Ballston Line #2096 about 1.1 miles from the company’s existing Ballston substation to the new Radnor Heights substation (collectively referred to as the “project.”)

Dominion Virginia Power noted that the final order called for the project to be built and in service by June 30, 2012, but also granted the company leave to apply for an extension for good cause shown.

In October 2012, the SCC granted the company’s first motion for extension of construction and in-service date until July 31, 2013.

“As originally noted in the first motion, the company has made significant progress constructing the project since the final order; however, completion of the entire installation has been further delayed by scheduling complications beyond the company’s control,” Dominion Virginia Power said.

Construction of the overall project is nearing completion, the company said, noting, for instance, that the new Radnor Heights substation is complete and the work at the Davis substation is complete. Both stations are fully operational.

Dominion Virginia Power also noted that the Glebe-Radnor underground 230-kV Line #2036 was energized in December 2012, and the Radnor-Davis underground 230-kV Line #2121 was energized on Feb. 6.

Additional delays have occurred resulting in a postponement of the in-service date beyond July 31, the company said, adding that the primary material delays that it encountered since the first motion were outage scheduling to maintain system reliability as well as fabrication and delivery of the gas insulated substation bus for the Ballston substation.

Among other things, the company said that some of the equipment associated with the Ballston substation gas bus cannot be delivered until later this summer and the work at that substation is not expected to begin until next fall.

The SCC ordered that the 2010 final order be further amended so that the lines and associated substation must be built and in service by June 1, 2014, but the company is again granted leave to apply for an extension for good cause shown. All other provisions of that final order are to remain in full force and effect, the SCC said.

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