NRC Will Hold Meeting to Discuss Status of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant

 The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will hold a public meeting on July 24 to discuss the NRC’s ongoing oversight and inspection activities at the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant. The plant, located 19 miles north of Omaha, Neb. is owned and operated by Omaha Public Power District (OPPD).

Fort Calhoun has been shut down for a refueling outage prior to the 2011 Missouri River flooding, and remained shutdown to address a breaker fire and other restart complications.

The meeting will be held from 6-9 p.m. at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, 3321 South 72 St., Omaha. Following NRC and OPPD presentations, the public will have opportunities to ask the NRC questions about Fort Calhoun and the regulator’s oversight activities.

This meeting is one of a series the NRC is holding to keep the public informed about OPPD’s effort to address performance issues. No restart decision will be made at the meeting.