NEI lauds CSIS nuclear report as policy guide

July 11: WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Center for Strategic and International Studies has released a report, “Restoring U.S. Leadership in Nuclear Energy: A National Security Imperative.” The Nuclear Energy Institute’s vice president of policy development, planning and supplier programs, Richard Myers, made the following comments about the report.

“The CSIS report’s recommendations for urgently fortifying nuclear energy’s future role in our nation’s electricity mix are on the mark. Diversity in the electricity system is vital to the health of the economy, our quality of life and national security. The strength of our electrical system is based on a diversity of technologies and fuel types. This diversity increases system reliability; decreases price vulnerabilities associated with overreliance on particular technologies and fuels; better protects the system from manmade and natural challenges; and strengthens our nation’s energy independence, which is vital to our national security.                                

“When considering our nation’s role in the international nuclear energy market, engagement in commercial nuclear trade provides the United States with the opportunity to achieve several national imperatives at the same time. It increases U.S. influence over nuclear nonproliferation policy and practices around the world and ensures the highest possible levels of nuclear power plant safety and reliability by exporting U.S. advanced reactor designs and America’s world-class operational expertise. It also maintains U.S. leadership in nuclear energy technology, creates tens of thousands of American jobs, and maintains a healthy U.S. manufacturing base for nuclear energy technology and services.

 “To maintain U.S. influence over global nonproliferation policy and international nuclear safety, our nuclear energy sector must participate in the rapidly expanding global market for nuclear energy technologies. CSIS has correctly pinpointed many aspects crucial to sustaining a vibrant nuclear energy sector that can make the United States a stronger, safer nation. It is must reading for policymakers at the federal and state levels.”