TVA responds to NRC flooding issues at nuclear sites

June 5, 2013

The Tennessee Valley Authority’s highest priority is the health and safety of the general public and its employees, even from such extreme and rare events as a Probable Maximum Flood or PMF

We take the regulatory deficiencies noted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission very seriously and have taken steps to immediately address many of the conditions identified by the NRC. In addition, TVA has committed to install an entirely new layer of redundant reactor safety systems in seismically-reinforced buildings located above Probable Maximum Flood levels, further strengthening our ability to protect the public even under the most extreme conditions.

As part of the ongoing regulatory process, TVA’s Watts Bar and Sequoyah facilities will participate in supplemental NRC inspections to ensure the actions we have taken continue to provide the highest levels of readiness to safely mitigate extreme flooding conditions. TVA also will continue to cooperate with the NRC to implement additional corrective actions.

The issues noted by the NRC are directly related to protecting plant systems under extreme conditions in a never-before-experienced flooding event. They do not affect normal plant operations or reflect on the continuing safe operation of these important generating facilities.