Sierra Club Foundation names Berkenfeld to its board

June 27, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO – The Sierra Club Foundation is pleased to announce that Steven Berkenfeld, Managing Director in the Investment Banking Division of Barclays, has joined the Board of Directors.

A lifetime member of the Sierra Club, Berkenfeld joined the Executive Committee of the Long Island Group in September 2012. His extensive background in finance, risk management, and investments will make Berkenfeld a valuable asset to the Foundation’s board. This role is especially important as the Foundation seeks to maximize alignment between mission and investments with the goal of divesting completely from fossil fuel related holdings in the near term.

“As the fiscal sponsor to many of Sierra Club’s programs, the Sierra Club Foundation must make informed, responsible investment decisions that maximize return and support our mission,” said Foundation Executive Director Peter Martin. “We are fortunate to have Steven on the Foundation board to bring both his strong investment knowledge and background, and his deep commitment to clean energy solutions.”

“I am very excited to be joining the Foundation Board and to be getting more actively involved in the Sierra Club’s efforts to protect the planet,” said Berkenfeld. “While we are winning many of our battles and our campaigns are proving very effective, we are not yet making enough progress in winning the war against global climate disruption. Now is the time – before it is too late – for anyone who cares about the health of the environment to step up and become a more active and generous supporter of the Sierra Club’s mission.  I’m hopeful that by joining the Foundation Board I can make a meaningful contribution to achieving these goals.”

Berkenfeld’s current roles at Barclays include co-head of the Firm’s Cleantech Initiative and head of Industrial Cleantech Banking. Prior to joining Barclays in September 2008, Steven spent over 21 years at Lehman Brothers in roles that included Chief Investment Officer of the Private Equity Division, Chairman of the Firm’s Investment Committee, and Global Head of Legal, Compliance, and Audit. Berkenfeld holds a J.D. from Columbia Law School and a B.S. from Cornell University. He also is the sponsor of the Employment Sustainability Initiative on Employment and Technology at the ILR School of Cornell University. Berkenfeld also serves on the Sierra Club’s Clean Tech Advisory Council, a powerful network of clean energy companies and entrepreneurs who share the Sierra Club’s commitment to the success of a clean energy economy.

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