Renewable energy goals propel PacifiCorp’s Blue Sky program

June 05, 2013

PORTLAND, Ore. — Thanks to the nearly 47,000 residential and business customers in the Northwest who choose Pacific Power’s Blue Sky renewable energy, the popular program again received high national rankings, surpassing customers of other utilities throughout the country.

The Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory recently released its ranking of leading utility green power programs. For the 10th year, PacifiCorp – which includes Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power electric utilities – ranks in the top five nationally. For 2012, Blue Sky ranks second for the number of customers buying renewable power and third for renewable power sales volume.

“One-by-one our customers are choosing to have an individual impact by supporting additional renewable energy through Blue Sky,” said Pat Reiten, president and CEO of Pacific Power. “We’re immensely proud to offer attractive Blue Sky options to our customers as we have since 2000, when we became one of the first utilities in the nation to make that available.”

Pacific Power Blue Sky participation grew by more than 8 percent in 2012. More growth is anticipated in 2013 as increasing numbers of customers choose to support renewable energy.

“We are already seeing an uptick in participation in the Medford, Oregon area where we are working with the city, the chamber of commerce and the whole community in a special challenge to bring renewable energy awareness even more into the forefront of everyday life,” said Reiten.

How Blue Sky Works for You

The Blue Sky program provides Pacific Power customers with an easy way to support renewable energy in the region. When customers choose Blue Sky, Pacific Power purchases more renewable energy certificates from renewable energy facilities in the west. This guarantees that electricity from these renewable resources is delivered to the regional power pool, reducing the need for non-renewable energy and creating measurable environmental benefits.

Blue Sky is available to customers in all six states served by PacifiCorp. As of Dec. 31, 2012 the company had nearly 88,000 customers enrolled in the program. Approximately 47,000 were Pacific Power customers. 

The Blue Sky renewable energy is separate from and in addition to the more than 1,400 megawatts of renewable resources Pacific Power already has in its portfolio to serve customers. Pacific Power is part of PacifiCorp, which is the second largest rate-regulated utility owner of wind power resources in the United States.

Funds from Blue Sky also come back to local communities. Local organizations can apply for funding for small-scale renewable projects. 

The 2013 Top 10 utility green pricing program listing is compiled by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the following categories: total sales of renewable energy, total number of customer participants, customer participation rate, green power as a percentage of overall sales, price premium and percentage of solar energy.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory green power rankings for 2012 are available online at

About Blue Sky

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has ranked Blue Sky fifth or better in the nation for the 10th consecutive year in the number of customers buying renewable power. The program is Green-e Energy certified, which means the renewable energy supported meets the rigorous national environmental and consumer-protection standards established by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Nearly 47,000 Pacific Power customers currently participate in the Blue Sky program across Oregon, Washington and California.

About Pacific Power

Pacific Power provides electric service to more than 730,000 customers in Oregon, Washington and California. The company works to meet growing energy demand while protecting and enhancing the environment. Pacific Power is part of PacifiCorp, one of the lowest-cost electricity providers in the United States, with almost 1.8 million customers in six western states.