enviraPAC touts activated carbon derived biomass feedstocks

KINGSPORT, Tenn., June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As coal-burning power plants and industrial facilities across the United States seek solutions to comply with more stringent EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations to reduce their mercury emissions by 90 percent over the next few years, enviraPAC‘s proprietary technology is poised to be a major part of the solution to this challenge.

Activated carbon injection is widely accepted as the most effective method to capture and prevent mercury emissions from coal flue gas and enviraPAC’s patented and proprietary technology is the first environmentally friendly biomass-based process for the large scale production of powdered activated carbon (PAC) for this purpose. enviraPAC employs a closed loop system that uses renewable biomass/waste wood as its feedstock. Traditional methods of manufacturing powdered activated carbon use lignite or coal which negatively impact the environment.

The benefits of enviraPAC’s groundbreaking process are:

  • enviraPAC is an environmentally gentle technology.
  • enviraPAC facilities cost substantially less to build than traditional plants.
  • enviraPAC manufacturing facilities can be built in a fraction of the time it takes to build traditional PAC facilities.
  • enviraPAC plants are more efficient in producing its product, using 40% less energy than traditional processes of the same output.

enviraPAC recently completed extensive testing of its carbon with outstanding results. After years of development at enviraPAC’s in-house research and development complex, enviraPAC has undergone a series of tests that validate the real world functionality of the carbons they have developed.

The global demand for activated carbon is expected to increase by more than ten percent per year through 2016, and enviraPAC is in a unique position to meet a large portion of this demand. The enviraPAC facilities are auto-thermic and consequently use dramatically less energy than is consumed by other powdered active carbon manufacturers.

“This cost effective, proprietary enviraPAC technology is by far the most environmentally friendly method of producing powdered active carbon which is the most widely accepted form of absorption and reduction of harmful mercury emissions,” says Steve Hooper, CEO & Co- Founder of enviraPAC. “With a large number of aging power plants that require costly and large-scale improvements to meet environmental regulations, enviraPAC is in a unique position to supply a more efficient, cost effective alternative to traditional methods.”

Coal-burning power plants are the largest contributors of mercury in the environment and produce more than 42 percent of all electricity in the United States. As coal burning plants explore options to reduce their mercury emissions and comply with EPA regulations, they are finding the global shortage of activated carbon, particularly powdered activated carbon for mercury capture, is placing their compliance in jeopardy because of the projected supply deficits in traditional carbons. enviraPAC offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to this looming problem.

Traditional activated carbon plants take years to permit and construct, while a fully operational enviraPAC facility can be permitted and built within 12 to 15 months. Because enviraPAC facilities use biomass, the permitting process is much shorter and less complex.

Mercury and other emissions can cause damage to the nervous systems of the unborn and children, as well as aggravate asthma, and contribute to other serious health issues in adults. In addition, mercury can contaminate fish and wildlife which can be harmful when ingested by humans.

ABOUT enviraPAC Inc.

As one of a diverse group of companies within The EnviraCarbon Companies, enviraPAC is dedicated to manufacturing a range of innovative, environmentally gentle activated carbon products to remove mercury and other toxins from our delicate ecosystem at improved efficiency and reduced costs.