Sierra Club pushes wind for Nebraska generating capacity

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LINCOLN – The Sierra Club launched a print and online ad buy today across the state of Nebraska, encouraging Nebraska public power to start investing in wind energy in order to create jobs and foster strong economic opportunities in clean energy development.

A study released last year found that investments in wind energy and energy efficiency can lead to nearly 14,000 new jobs for Nebraska’s economy while saving businesses and consumers a cumulative $3.8 billion in lower electric bills over the next two decades. This investment would mean a net benefit of more than $2,000 for every Nebraska resident. Nebraska currently ranks 25th in the nation for installed wind, despite having the 4th best wind energy potential.

“Across the state, our message remains the same: Nebraska needs to get in the game,” said Ken Winston of the Nebraska Sierra Club. “Our state has lagged behind our neighbors in clean energy development for far too long. Clean, local energy will bring good jobs and revitalize communities across Nebraska.”

The ad buy includes a full-page advertisement in the Lincoln Journal Star on Wednesday, May 29 and quarter-page print ads in 58 regional newspapers across the state. Daily quarter-page advertisements will run in the Columbus Telegram, Grand Island Independent and Kearney Hub from May 29 through June 5. The campaign also includes targeted online banner ads on the Lincoln Journal Star website.

Against the backdrop of wind turbines, the ads urge Nebraska public power to “Get Nebraska in the Game” by investing in clean energy. In the full-page ad, a wind turbine juxtaposed next to a smoke stack from a coal-fired power plant accompanies text urging Nebraska public power to “Turn, Not Burn,” and “Get Nebraska in the Game.”

“An investment in clean energy reflects our Nebraskan values of honoring the legacy of our forebears while making prudent investments for our children’s future,” added Winston. “Nebraska is a great place to live and has a strong agricultural economy because our parents and grandparents took care of our water, land and air. Investments in clean, renewable energy will both protect our precious resources and ensure a vital economic future for our children and their children. Now is the time to invest in clean Nebraska energy.”