Ivanpah solar construction more than 92% finished

Construction at the Ivanpah concentrated solar power project in California is more than 92 percent complete, according to an update from project owner BrightSource Energy. Google and NRG Solar LLC are also equity investors in the project. 

As of May 22, more than 153,990 of the project’s total 173,500 heliostats have been installed. 

Unit 1 is more than 95 percent complete, and the final heliostat was installed in the solar field on April 11. That same month, steam blows started at the unit, a process that clears out mill scale or debris inside the pipes before the project is operational. 

BrightSource also started first flux at Unit 2, which is when a significant amount of sunlight is reflected off the solar mirrors and concentrated on a surface of the boiler. The unit is more than 92 percent complete, and will generate 133 MW of solar power when it is operational. 

Unit 3 is more than 89 percent complete with more than half of the heliostats installed to date. The plant is expected to begin commercial operations this year.