Florida issues order in Duke Energy Florida CR3 case

TALLAHASSEE — Florida Public Service Commissioner (PSC) Eduardo Balbis, as prehearing officer, filed an order last Friday resolving disputed case issues in the Duke Energy Florida (DEF) Crystal River 3 docket.  The order finds that parties can review the prudence of DEF’s actions with its insurance carrier, Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited (NEIL), prior to the PSC’s approval of the company’s Settlement Agreement on February 22, 2012. 

“With this ruling, I clarified the scope of the proceedings so that the parties can focus on the key issues of the docket,” said Commissioner Balbis. 

“I find that neither the Commission nor the Intervenors are prohibited from analyzing relevant information regarding the NEIL insurance policy in the context of the scope of this case,” Commissioner Balbis stated in the order. “This order does not afford the Parties with a carte blanche ability to review irrelevant information since the policy’s inception or costs that have already been deemed prudent by the Commission.” 

Parties to the CR3 docket include the Office of Public Counsel, White Springs Agriculture Chemicals, Inc., Florida Industrial Power Users Group, Florida Retail Federation, and DEF. 

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