Hudson Transmission project ahead of schedule

Hudson Transmission Partners‘ (HTP) $850m HVDC transmission line is about six weeks ahead of schedule, and will enter service on or around June 1, Chris Hocker, PowerBridge’s vice president of planning, told TransmissionHub on Feb. 12.

“Essentially, the physical aspects of construction are done, and we are in the testing and commission phase,” Hocker said.

Test energy is scheduled to flow over the Hudson Transmission Project in mid-April, he said.

The project is on budget, Hocker said. He noted that because Hudson is a merchant project, HTP, as the owner, takes all the cost risk, so if the project runs over budget, those costs don’t get passed on to the customer – the New York Power Authority – or to ratepayers.

The Hudson project is an underground 8-mile, 345-kV line, with 660 MW of capacity, that will run from Public Service Enterprise Group‘s (NYSE:PEG) Bergen substation in Ridgefield, N.J., to Consolidated Edison‘s (NYSE:ED) West 49th Street substation in New York City. The line is interregional, connecting PJM Interconnection with the New York ISO (NYISO).

In October 2012, HTP said it would turn operational control of the line to PJM, rather than to NYISO, as originally stated.

“We wanted to have Hudson operate the same way that our other project, Neptune, operates, where PJM is the control authority,” Hocker said. “They’re similar projects in the sense that power flows from PJM into NYISO.”

PJM on Feb. 11 submitted to FERC tariff revisions that will include HTP as a PJM transmission owner; add the project as a merchant project; and provide the terms and conditions for transmission service (FERC Docket No. ER13-920). The RTO requested an effective date of April 12 for the proposed tariff revisions.

HTP signed PJM’s transmission owners agreement on Feb. 8, according to PJM. 

FERC approved HTP’s request to charge negotiated rates for transmission rights in April 2011. 

HTP is a joint venture of Hudson Power Ventures, Anbaric Hudson, and Triton Partners. Hudson Power Ventures is managed by Ed Stern, who is president and CEO of PowerBridge and of PowerBridge companies HTP and Neptune Regional Transmission System

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