CL&P proposes new 115-kV line in Stamford, Conn.

Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) is proposing to build an estimated $47m, 115-kV line in Stamford, Conn.

“We have not formally presented an application to the [Connecticut] Siting Council on this project yet and we expect to do so later this month,” a CL&P spokesperson told TransmissionHub on Jan. 3, noting that the Stamford Reliability Cable Project is a new proposal. “We’re still presenting it to the city of Stamford as well as residents.”

The project would be about 1.5 miles long, he said, adding that if approved, construction would begin in 2014, with the project likely going in service late in that same year.

“At this point, [the project cost is] $47m and the estimate will likely be updated if and when the siting council approves our project, so at that point, we’ll know what the route is,” the spokesperson said. “Our proposal will have a preferred route, a preferred route with an alternative and then an alternative route. They are all close in length, although they do take minor turns along the way.”

The siting council will choose the route, he said.

The project is needed to comply with mandatory reliability standards, he said, noting that 2005 FERC standards require any utility owner to operate and maintain the system in a way that allows for contingencies to occur on the system and to continue service without interruption.

“At a more detailed level, this line will connect two [existing CL&P] substations in the city of Stamford, providing an additional path to continue to deliver power to those substations – both are 115-kV circuits,” he said. “Both substations are served by different circuits. By having that connection, it provides us a way to continue service if a power plant goes offline or a power line were to be tripped out.”

The proposal includes modifications to both substations to accommodate the new line.

“We characterize this project as a reliability project,” he added. “The benefit is to improve system reliability.”

CL&P is a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities (NYSE:NU).

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