NYISO plan calls for planning coordination that facilitates transmission investment

The New York ISO’s (NYISO) 2013-2017 Strategic Plan calls for coordinating planning processes that facilitate transmission investments in support of reliability, economic efficiency and public policy activities.

NYISO also said on Dec. 19 that at the center of its plan, which has been approved by the NYISO Board of Directors, is a vision of broader regional markets based on collaborative efforts among neighboring grid operators to optimize system efficiency and preserve reliability through the shared use of grid resources.

The vision acknowledges that reliability and economic efficiencies will be enhanced through expanded planning and operational coordination among market administrators, NYISO said, adding that broadening the pool of grid resources through enhanced market design will expand competition and allow operators to better respond to dynamic market and operating conditions across market borders.

NYISO said it envisions:

  • Optimizing the economic flow of electricity across borders through improved coordination of market rules and the increased flow of real-time data on system conditions.
  • Deploying smart grid technologies that maintain system balance through the use of robust data, communications and automated systems.
  • Developing a shared understanding of regional gas delivery constraints for power generation as well as a commitment to address them collaboratively.

According to the plan, strategic initiatives for 2013 to 2017 include robust planning through the Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative (EIPC), transmission expansion and public policy.

The NYISO will sustain an ongoing EIPC structure; implement FERC Order 1000’s call for a public policy planning process while protecting competitive markets; provide technical support for the state’s Energy Highway initiative and new initiatives in system planning; and provide the NYISO independent analysis to market participants, state or federal agencies and standard setting entities.

As reported, following recommendations included in the New York Energy Highway Task Force’s blueprint, state regulators began a proceeding to review proposals from utilities and private developers for new transmission lines and upgrades to existing facilities that will address congestion on the transmission system between Utica, N.Y., and New York City.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in his 2012 State of the State Address delivered Jan. 4, announced a plan to build a private sector-funded $2bn “Energy Highway” system that will tap into the generation capacity and renewable energy potential in upstate and western New York to bring low-cost power to downstate New York.

Looking ahead, the NYISO said the 2013-2015 Long-Term Incentive Goals include assuming a pivotal role in upgrading and modernizing the state’s transmission and generation infrastructure, and in ensuring that such efforts complement and support competitive wholesale power markets.

The goals also include facilitating the emergence of an automated transmission system that optimizes resource use for maximum system efficiency while continuously adapting to dynamic operational conditions spurred by increased penetration of renewable resources and increased load variability due to the emergence of smarter end-use technologies.

On smart grid efforts, NYISO said initiatives include continuing projects to reinforce/enhance cybersecurity protocols and best practices and supporting development of such technologies as black start and quick start capacity.

Among other things, NYISO also said it will increase the effectiveness of demand response resources and evaluate improvements in demand-side resource performance audits and compliance mechanisms.

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