New route identified for Northern Pass project in New Hampshire

Northeast Utilities (NYSE:NU) subsidiary The Northern Pass Transmission said on Dec. 31 that it has identified a new route in the North Country that it will submit to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Commission in the future for consideration and review in relation to the proposed DC line between the United States and Canada.

The Northern Pass line would import 1,200 MW of Canadian hydropower, specifically from Hydro-Québec.

The project has raised concerns from some in the past, including the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

“We are in the process of finalizing this new proposal and will soon be prepared to announce its specific details,” the Northern Pass said. “This proposal was created in consideration of concerns raised regarding potential view impacts and private property issues. In response to the feedback we received, we have spent the past year identifying routing options that would locate the line on land that we own or that has easements we have obtained from willing sellers, and positions the line in a manner that reduces potential view shed impacts as much as possible.”

A company spokesperson did not provide further comment on the matter to TransmissionHub on Dec. 31.

The Northern Pass said it believes that the communication and dialogue taking place with citizens, stakeholders and public officials across the state is critical to the ultimate success of the new route and the project overall. The Northern Pass said it felt it was necessary to take some additional time to continue these efforts before publicly announcing the new routing proposal.

Some notable project improvements include the improved structure design along the White Mountain National Forest portion of the route, allowing the project to reduce structure heights to about 85 feet, with no expansion of the existing right of way. The Northern Pass also said that structures along the new right-of-way portion of the route will also be about 85 feet tall.

“We are optimistic that our new routing proposal addresses the potential view shed and private property concerns that have been raised, and will enable us to move forward with the rigorous state and federal permitting processes,” the Northern Pass said. 

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