MISO has signed transmission owners agreement from all Entergy companies

The Midwest ISO (MISO) said on Dec. 3 that it has assumed the role of independent coordinator of transmission (ICT) for the Entergy (NYSE:ETR) system from the Southwest Power Pool.

Separately on Dec. 3, Entergy said that five of its utilities, including Entergy Mississippi, submitted on Nov. 30 the executed transmission owner agreement (TOA) to MISO, thereby agreeing to become transmission owning members of the RTO.

The other utilities are Entergy Texas, Entergy Louisiana, Entergy Gulf States Louisiana and Entergy New Orleans. Entergy Arkansas submitted its executed TOA to MISO on Oct. 31, Entergy added.

The TOA, which is a contract among MISO’s transmission owners that governs a transmission owner’s membership in the RTO, is filed with FERC.

“Friday’s action is an important step in the Entergy operating companies’ efforts to transfer functional control of their transmission facilities to MISO in December 2013, a step that the utilities’ retail regulators have ruled is in the public interest, subject to conditions,” Entergy said.

Louisiana state regulators made their ruling in May, followed by regulators in Arkansas and Texas in October. Entergy also noted that in mid-November, regulators in Mississippi and New Orleans made their rulings that joining MISO is in the public interest.

MISO noted in its statement that having already received Entergy Arkansas’ signed TOA in early November, MISO now has signed TOAs from all six Entergy operating companies.

As ICT for the Entergy region, MISO is serving as the reliability coordinator and tariff administrator, managing long-term transmission planning and conducting Entergy’s weekly power procurement process. MISO also said that its independent market monitor, Potomac Economics, will oversee the weekly power procurement process in the region, providing additional security to market participants.

Besides delineating the rights and responsibilities of the transmission owners, as well as those of MISO itself and of MISO’s board of directors, a signed TOA, along with state jurisdictional approvals, allows MISO to move forward with technical integration of Entergy into MISO.

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