Cleco announces move to MISO

CARMEL, Ind. – Cleco Corp. (NYSE:CNL) announced plans to join MISO, the regional grid operator, as a fully integrated transmission-owning member. Cleco owns 1,250 miles of transmission lines and serves approximately 281,000 customers throughout Louisiana.

“We are happy that after evaluating its options, Cleco determined that joining MISO will provide value to its customers and increase the reliability of its system,” said John R. Bear, president and CEO of MISO. “MISO has worked with Cleco and other stakeholders throughout the region to demonstrate how MISO’s large scale and established Day 2 market provide exceptional value to our members, and we welcome their membership.”

Today, Cleco filed its request with the Louisiana Public Service Commission to transfer functional control of transmission assets to MISO.

“Cleco’s move to MISO means greater reliability and lower costs for its customers,” said Bear. “We are excited to continue working to integrate Cleco and other entities in the Southern region.”

Cleco plans to integrate into MISO by January 2014.