LIPA and National Grid launch a massive response to the most devastating storm to hit Long Island in history crippling the electric system

Uniondale, N.Y. – Hurricane Sandy has been an unprecedented disaster in the Northeast, leaving millions of people without power. The damage caused to Long Island’s electric system has been devastating, resulting in power outages to more than 900,000 customers.

LIPA and National Grid have almost 1,000 electric line repair and tree crews who are dedicated to damage assessment and power restoration, backed by thousands of logistics, safety and administrative personnel. The company has already received assistance from outside the region, and has requested several thousand additional contractor repair crews and other physical and logistical support.

The company is coordinating with government officials at all levels, particularly in clearing roads for emergency responders, our crews and all Long Islanders.

While our restoration plan at this early stage is focused on assessing damage, crews will also be restoring power today and every day until all customers have their power back. It is also critically important that we concentrate on restoring power to hospitals, other critical facilities, and emergency services to have them up and running.

Customers should report power outages anytime online at or by phone at 1-800-490-0075. Outage reporting and restoration updates are also available via text as information becomes available To register, please text REG to 695472 (myLIPA). Registration requires a Customer ID or the phone number of record on the electric account, even if that is a home number that is different from the mobile number that you are using. This is for identification purposes only. After registration, an outage can be reported by texting OUT to 695472 (myLIPA) . It is important that you always report an outage to LIPA so that we can continue to keep you updated with the latest information.

Storm safety tips and power outage information are available for our customers at Also on the site is an informational video that provides guidance on LIPA and National Grid’s approach to storm restoration.

Safety is a primary concern following a major storm, and LIPA and National Grid are urging customers to use extreme caution. The following safety tips should be followed:

  • Never touch any downed wire, assume it is a live electric wire, and stay away from it. Report any downed wire to LIPA immediately at 1-800-490-0075.
  • If you use a generator to supply power during an outage, be sure to only operate it outdoors away from windows and vents. The generator should not be connected to the home’s wiring. Power can flow out of your home jeopardizing the safety of crews working to restore power.
  • If you have lost power, unplug appliances and electronics to protect them from a possible power surge. Leave one light on so you will know when power is restored.

In order for all employees to support restoration efforts, LIPA’s walk-in customer offices will be closed at least through Friday of this week. Visit or call 1-800-490-0075 for the status of our offices next week.

LIPA would like to remind customers to be alert. Please drive carefully, as there will be repair crews throughout the island working, many of which are from areas outside Long Island and unfamiliar with the area. Please exercise caution when driving near any of the repair crews working to restore your power.

Remember, if you see ANY downed wire, assume it is a live electric wire and do not go near it. Report it immediately to LIPA at 1-800-490-0075.