ADA-ES announces contracts for dry sorbent injection and activated carbon injection systems valued at up to $15 million

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ADA-ES, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADES) (“ADA”) today announced that it has been awarded two contracts for activated carbon injection (ACI) systems and its wholly-owned subsidiary BCSI, LLC (“BCSI”) has been selected to supply up to four dry sorbent injection (“DSI”) systems as part of a larger air pollution control contract for a fleet of coal-fired generating plants.

These contracts have a total value of up to $15 million if the fleet customer elects to purchase all of the contracted systems. These projects will begin generating revenues immediately and deliveries are scheduled over the next 15 months.

These awards are the result of the recent EPA Mercury and Air Toxics Standard (MATS) and the Cement MACT, which require coal-fired power plants and cement plants to reduce emissions of mercury and sulfuric, hydrochloric and other acid gases by April 2015. We are expecting these regulations to generate a market in excess of $1 billion for ACI and DSI systems, and we hope to maintain a combined market share of at least 35%. This would generate over $300 million in revenues for ADA over the next three years. These regulations have created a significant increase in procurement activities and we have been very busy responding to this market. ADA has active bids on over $119 million for ACI systems and over $140 million on DSI systems.

Dr. Michael Durham, President and CEO of ADA, stated, “We are very pleased to announce these contracts which represent the start of this new regulatory driven market. We expect that additional contracts for DSI and ACI systems will be awarded soon.”