Statement on Browns Ferry seismic monitors

September 28, 2012

TVA’s top priority is the safe and reliable operation of its nuclear power plants. When an issue is identified, TVA takes immediate steps to use its Corrective Action Program (CAP) to find the cause, understand the underlying condition and develop actions to fix the issue and prevent its recurrence.

In addition, TVA promptly fulfills all regulatory reporting requirements with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). On Thursday, September 20, TVA made a required eight-hour telephone report to the NRC regarding the installation of upgraded seismic monitors at Browns Ferry that resulted in the station not being able to detect and fully assess seismic events from August 17, 2012 until September 15, 2012.

On September 15, TVA placed compensatory measures in place to ensure the station’s ability to detect and classify a seismic event in order to execute the corresponding section of the site’s emergency preparedness plan.

The installation is part of a planned modernization of seismic monitors at Browns Ferry that is still taking place. Similar upgrades have already been completed at TVA’s other nuclear power stations — Watts Bar and Sequoyah.  The issue has also been entered into the station’s Corrective Action Program. There are no further regulatory reporting requirements.