Portland General Electric seeks renewables for 2013-2017 period

Portland General Electric issued a request for proposals (RFP) seeking power from 100 MW of generating resources to help PGE comply with Oregon’s renewable energy standard.

The resources must be at least 10 MW, and can represent a variety of technologies including wind, geothermal, biomass, biogas, solar and hydroelectric power. PGE may acquire a single generating resource or a combination to meet the target. The company anticipates the resources acquired will be brought online between 2013 and 2017.

“A growing percentage of the electricity we deliver to our customers comes from renewable resources,” said Jim Lobdell, PGE’s vice president for power operations and resource strategy. “This RFP will be an important step in meeting the state’s renewable power goals, and together with our separate RFP for baseload and capacity resources will help solidify our ability to continue providing reliable, affordable power to our customers for years to come.”

For Oregon’s three largest utilities, which includes PGE, the standard starts at 5% in 2011, increases to 15% in 2015, 20% in 2020, and 25% in 2025.

The utility circulated a draft of the RFP to stakeholders and potential bidders and held workshops before submitting the draft to the Oregon Public Utility Commission on July 25. Following OPUC staff and stakeholder comments, PGE submitted a revised draft on Sept. 10. The commission approved PGE’s renewable resource RFP at a public meeting on Sept. 25.

PGE issued a separate RFP earlier this year, seeking baseload energy resources as well as flexible and seasonal capacity resources. Those bids are under review and a short list will be developed by the end of November.

PGE intends to submit a benchmark proposal in the renewable RFP process, which will be due October 30. Bids from outside parties are due Nov. 13. Further information on the RFPs, the workshops, and the competitive bidding process is available online at PortlandGeneralRFP.accionpower.com.