OPG monitoring Hurricane Sandy’s expected route

Toronto – Ontario Power Generation (OPG) continues to monitor the path and progress of Hurricane Sandy.

High winds and significant rainfall are expected over the next 24-48 hours across Ontario. OPG has taken steps to ensure its Hydro, Thermal and Nuclear fleet are operationally ready for the impacts of the storm.

  • All of OPG’s generating facilities are robust and designed to withstand severe weather.
  • The company is working closely with partners such as Hydro One and the IESO to ensure a co-ordinated response is in place.
  • As part of its post-Fukushima safety improvements, OPG installed flood barriers and standby generators at the nuclear station. Site staff are inspecting these to ensure they will perform as designed should they be required.
  • At the hydroelectric stations staff are ensuring reservoirs and spillways are capable of handling the expected higher volumes of water.
  • OPG is securing materials at all facilities that could become windblown and we are ensuring that all site drainage passageways are clear.
  • Staff at OPG’s sites are verifying that drains are cleared and that areas such as sewage treatment facilities are secured and free of debris.
  • In addition, site surveys will be conducted once the storm passes to assess any facility impacts.

OPG is committed to operating all of our generating facilities at the highest level of safety at all times. We continue to make substantial investments on behalf of the people of Ontario to strengthen an already robust operational safety system.