NRC invites nominations for the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is seeking a qualified candidate for appointment to its Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS).

The ACRS is an advisory group that provides independent technical review of, and advice on, matters related to the safety of existing and proposed nuclear facilities, and on the adequacy of proposed reactor safety standards. It also advises the Commission on issues in health physics and radiation protection.

The ACRS’s primary focus is on safety issues associated with the U.S. operation of 104 commercial nuclear power plants and regulatory initiatives including risk-informed and performance-based regulations, license renewal, power uprates, new reactor applications and the use of mixed oxide and high burn up fuels. In addition, the ACRS may be requested to provide advice on radiation protection, radioactive waste management and earth sciences in the agency’s licensing reviews for fuel fabrication, enrichment and waste disposal facilities.

The Commission is seeking an individual with at least 10 years of broad experience in one or more of the following areas: materials, metallurgy and reactor fuels, fracture mechanics or material degradation effects on reactor safety and operations, and a distinguished record of achievement in one or more areas of nuclear science and technology.

Interested individuals should find candidate criteria and details at the corresponding Federal Register notice published today and available on the NRC website. Resumes will be accepted until January 11, 2012.