MISO, PJM among regions to submit Order 1000 regional compliance filings soon

The deadline for Order 1000 regional compliance filings for which FERC granted extensions is at hand – several ISOs and RTOs have until Oct. 25 to submit their filings.

The PJM Interconnection, Midwest ISO (MISO) and ISO New England (ISO-NE) were granted extensions until Oct. 25, while the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) was granted an extension until Nov. 12.

SPP’s regional state committee in July voted in favor of asking FERC for permission to retain right of first refusals (ROFRs) for three specific scenarios: for the “byway,” local projects included in SPP’s highway/byway regional cost allocation methodology; in pricing zones for projects of 100-kV and below; and for a specific category of projects, like short-term reliability projects. 

Jesse Moser, MISO’s manager of strategic infrastructure, in August told TransmissionHub MISO’s Order 1000 compliance was taking shape. Compliance with the ROFR requirement would result in projects that are approved by the MISO board going through a request for proposals process, he said. 

The California ISO (Cal-ISO) and the New York ISO (NYISO) submitted their compliance filings on Oct. 11. Both ISOs said their respective tariffs needed minor tweaks in order to come into full compliance with Order 1000. Cal-ISO said the majority of its tariff modifications addressed FERC’s ROFR requirement, which stipulates that ROFR language be removed from transmission tariffs. By contrast, NYISO said the greatest modifications to its tariffs dealt with FERC’s public policy requirement, which stipulates that regions take into consideration public policy initiatives, such as renewable portfolio standards, when planning transmission.

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) also on Oct. 11 submitted its compliance filing. BPA made three changes to its local transmission planning process, changes to address the order’s public policy requirements in the transmission planning process, to clarify and address language currently in Attachment K regarding BPA’s review of a regional cost allocation, and non-Order 1000 changes, which mainly reduce BPA’s local transmission planning cycle from a 33-month to a 12-month cycle, BPA said in the filing.

WestConnect in July said it would be a region for Order 1000 purposes, although subregional groups would remain intact in order to address each subregion’s uniqueness.  Those WestConnect members subject to FERC jurisdiction that have made Order 1000 filings include Arizona Public Service, Black Hills Power, El Paso Electric (NYSE:EE), NV Energy (NYSE:NVE), Public Service Co. of Colorado, Public Service Co. of New Mexico and Tucson Electric Power.

WestConnect is now participating in interregional discussions with the California ISO, Columbia Grid and Northern Tier Transmission Group, Charles Reinhold, chair of WestConnect’s communications strike team, told TransmissionHub Oct. 23. Each FERC jurisdictional entity in the region is looking to make its individual interregional compliance filing by April 11, 2013, he said.

FERC also granted a 120-day extension to a group of utilities in the south and Midwest for regional filings due Feb. 8, 2013. The utilities included Southern Company Services, Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities (LG&E/KU), and Ohio Valley Electric Cooperative. The utilities that are also considering participating are the Associated Electric Cooperative, Dalton (Ga.) Utilities, Georgia Transmission, the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, the South Mississippi Electric Power Association and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

In addition to the Feb. 8, 2013 deadline, FERC has required them to file status updates in informational filings on Nov. 2 and Jan. 8, 2013.

Arizona Public Service is a subsidiary of Pinnacle West (NYSE:PNW); Black Hills Power is a subsidiary of Black Hills Corp. (NYSE:BKH); Public Service Co. of Colorado is a subsidiary of Xcel Energy (NYSE:XEL); Public Service Co. of New Mexico is a subsidiary of PNM Resources (NYSE:PNM) and Tucson Electric Power is a subsidiary of UniSource Energy (NYSE:UNS).

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