MISO and PJM hold Order 1000 interregional workshop

(Valley Forge, Pa. – October 24, 2012) – Today, MISO and PJM Interconnection will host their first joint stakeholder workshop regarding interregional requirements of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order 1000. This is another step in the RTOs’ efforts to work with neighbors to address those requirements.

MISO has held similar workshops with the Southwest Power Pool and the Mid-Continent Area Power Pool. PJM has held workshops with New York ISO.

This meeting is the beginning of cooperative collaboration on approaches to interregional planning and cost allocation methods to comply with Order 1000 and builds on existing protocols in the Joint Operating Agreement between MISO and PJM.

“These joint stakeholder workshop meetings are a pivotal component toward compliance and we look forward to working collectively with PJM and both regions’ stakeholders in the months ahead. MISO believes that improved interregional planning and cost allocation will enable significant values to customers throughout the region over the long-run,” said Clair Moeller, MISO’s Vice President of Transmission Asset Management.

“Our continuing collaboration with MISO and our regions’ stakeholders can only enhance the effectiveness of our interregional planning processes,” said Michael J. Kormos, PJM’s senior vice president – Operations. “This week we’re taking an important step in further coordination between the regions.”

With Order 1000, the FERC seeks to ensure more efficient and cost-effective regional planning and interregional coordination among all customers in a region, a major step forward in advancing electric transmission planning. Through a series of workshops, MISO, PJM and neighboring regional planning areas are coordinating discussion of approaches to interregional planning and cost allocation methods.

The interregional planning meeting, consisting of representatives from MISO and PJM, takes place at MISO in Carmel, Indiana, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT. All meeting materials, including participation information, are available on MISO’s website.

FERC set a compliance deadline of April 2013. Pending FERC approval, implementation is slated for 2014.