ITC submits package plan for 2,700 miles of new transmission line

ITC Great Plains, a subsidiary of ITC Grid Development, has submitted its proposal to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) for a package of five new projects that involve seven states and include more than 2,700 miles of new transmission line.

Called the ITC Great Plains Expansion Project, the proposal is designed to relieve system constraints that impede the export of excess energy capacity.

“This proposal offers an inter-regional planning perspective that is generation-neutral and works within the regional planning process to produce optimal grid performance,” Joseph Welch, ITC chairman, president and CEO, said in a statement. “These projects will draw upon ITC’s track record as a best-in-class independent transmission developer and operator, as evidenced by the success of our existing projects and partnerships with local utilities in the Great Plains region.”

The expansion project proposal involves five primary 345-kV AC transmission lines consisting of multiple west-to-east segments originating in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, and terminating in Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas. The company said the AC-based approach reflects the interconnectivity of the power grid and provides a solution for integrating a greater mix of energy sources to the power grid.

The project aligns with features of the SPP’s Integrated Transmission Plan – 20-year Assessment. This three-year study assesses the region’s transmission requirements in order to create a cost-effective and flexible transmission network.

The ITC Great Plains proposal provides a framework for relieving constraints in the underlying system for exporting energy from the western part of SPP to load centers east of the SPP footprint, the company said.

The proposed transmission lines follow these routes:

– east-central Nebraska to north-central Iowa,

– western Kansas to southern Iowa,

– southwest Kansas to south-central Missouri,

– western Oklahoma to south-central Missouri, and

– eastern Texas across southern Oklahoma to southwest Arkansas.

ITC Grid Development is a wholly owned subsidiary of ITC Holdings (NYSE:ITC).