FERC authorizes PacifiCorp. acquisition of transmission facilities

FERC on Oct. 9 issued an order authorizing PacifiCorp. to acquire certain transmission facilities from Brigham City (Docket No. EC12-136-000).

On Aug. 22, PacifiCorp filed an application requesting authorization for the disposition of jurisdictional facilities to permit the company to acquire from Brigham City transmission facilities located in or near Brigham City, Utah, and associated rights and property.

The jurisdictional facilities associated with the transaction are the 138-kV transmission line structures and components, line conductor and shielding, guys and anchors, substation steel structures along the path including the foundations, bus, jumpers, and insulators, 138-kV motor operated air break switches including their control devices and schemes, 138-kV air break switch, and an easement for these facilities.

Pursuant to an asset purchase agreement, dated May 21, PacifiCorp intends to acquire the transmission assets for the total consideration of about $124,000, which represents the net book value of the assets.

“After consideration, it is concluded that the proposed transaction is consistent with the public interest and is hereby authorized,” FERC said in its filing.

PacifiCorp said that the transaction is consistent with the public interest and will not adversely affect competition, rates or regulation.  According to the company, there are no horizontal market power concerns raised as a result of the transaction. Additionally, the transaction will have no adverse effect on vertical market power.

The transaction has no impact on PacifiCorp’s wholesale power rates. Also, the transaction will have no adverse effect on the company’s transmission service rates, PacifiCorp said.

PacifiCorp is a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings.