Entergy Arkansas gets CCN for 115-kV transmission line

The Arkansas Public Service Commission on Oct. 12 granted a certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) to Entergy Arkansas for construction and operation of a 5.48 mile, 115-kV transmission line located in Ouachita Country, Ark. (Docket No. 12-037-U).

The Arkansas PSC denied the company’s request for two navigable water crossings over the Ouachita River between the Camden North and Camden Maguire 115/13.8-kV substations to be terminated at each substation with high-voltage circuit breaker equipment and related electronic relay and metering control systems. 

The commission said the record in the matter will remain open until such time as the company files evidence of the approval.

The Arkansas PSC received no objections to the construction or location of the proposed electrical facilities from property owners in the vicinity, governmental agencies, or persons in general, according to the filing. Additionally, no petitions to intervene have been filed. Public comments were invited at the hearing, but no persons were presents to offer any.

The estimated total project cost is about $10.43m. The company will initially pay for construction from available funds of various sources, including retained earnings and debt and capital securities. Any sale of securities which may be required at some later date will be in amounts and under terms to be approved by the commission.

Construction of the proposed facilities is scheduled to be completed by June 2014. Entergy Arkansas’ application for the CCN and river crossing was filed June 11. 

Entergy Arkansas is a subsidiary of Entergy (NYSE:ETR).