ADA-ES’s CyClean technology to reduce Young Station emissions

CENTER, N.D. & HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ADA-ES, Inc. (ADES) (“ADA”) today announced that Dr. Michael Durham, President and CEO of ADA, joined Minnkota Power Cooperative CEO Mac McLennan, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple and U.S. Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., on Monday, October 15th to unveil a clean coal technology project that has provided an opportunity for the Milton R. Young Station to significantly reduce its emissions.

Minnkota’s Young Station is the first lignite-fired, cyclone boiler power plant in the country to use CyClean™ technology, which ADA provides through its joint venture Clean Coal Solutions, LLC (“CCS”).

The Young Station commenced use of the CyClean™ technology in its boilers in 2011 and continues to use the technology. CyClean™ combustion additives are designed to improve cyclone boiler operations and reduce power plant emissions. At the Young Station, the additives have demonstrated the ability to reduce mercury emissions by 40 percent and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by an additional 20 percent from previous levels.

“We are pleased that we have found a cost-effective technology that can help us meet current and future regulatory requirements and further reduce our power plant emissions,” said Mac McLennan, Minnkota President & CEO. “This technology also provides us with another operational tool to deal with the variables of lignite coal and boiler conditions. We are continuing to use and evaluate the longer-term use of CyClean™ additives.”

The CyClean™ additives are comprised of two parts. One comes in a granular form and the other in a liquid. The additives are applied directly onto the coal as it enters the Young Station facility on conveyor belts.

Jerry Daseler, who heads facility operations and management for CCS, said his group and Minnkota are the pioneers in the production of refined coal using the CyClean™ technology on lignite coal.

“We are proud and excited in the results demonstrated thus far and look forward to producing cleaner energy for years to come at the Young Station while taking advantage of North Dakota’s low-cost and abundant coal reserves,” he said.

Dr. Durham commended Minnkota for taking the initiative to become an early adopter of the innovative technology.

“The plant and its customers will benefit from improved combustion, decreased emissions and reduced operating costs,” Durham said. “The important lessons learned in the first use on lignite will be valuable in making this technology and its benefits available to other lignite plants in North Dakota and coal-burning plants across the country.”

Gov. Dalrymple said, “We have a long and proven record of operating an effective Clean Air program which has resulted in North Dakota being one of only a handful of states to comply with all federal ambient air quality standards. Minnkota Power Cooperative’s clean coal project supports our commitment to further reduce emissions even though North Dakota is among states with the nation’s cleanest air.”

Senator Hoeven said coal must remain in the U.S. energy mix.

“Our state has an 800-year supply of lignite coal – the largest deposits in the world – making initiatives like the one we’re showcasing today one of the most important innovations anywhere in the world to secure the energy future of our state and nation,” he said. “It clearly underscores the fact that a true all-of-the-above strategy for American energy independence must include lignite coal if we want to make our nation truly secure and economically vibrant.”

State Sen. Randy Christmann, R-Hazen, also attended the event, which was held in his district.

“Minnkota Power continues to be a strong partner in providing clean, affordable energy for the state of North Dakota,” he said. “This announcement is an example of how fair and responsible regulations can help provide the certainties and incentives companies need to make important investments in clean coal technologies and enhancements.

“I applaud Minnkota’s stewardship and commitment to providing dependable and affordable utilities while also ensuring North Dakotans continue to enjoy some of the cleanest air and water in the nation.”