TVA seeks public comment on proposed new lines

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is asking for public input about a proposed transmission line between Union County, Miss., and Lee County, Miss.

The proposed Union-Tupelo 3 project will include between 12 miles to 15 miles of new 161-kV transmission line and would create a third connection between TVA’s Union 500-kV substation near Sherman, Miss., and its Tupelo 161-kV station.

The project will also use the existing 6.6-mile Tupelo-Turner Park transmission line to complete the connection to the Tupelo substation.

A TVA spokesperson told TransmissionHub Sept. 11 the additional connection between the two substations is needed to relieve possible overloading on existing lines, and improve the electric reliability of the area.

The Union-Tupelo 3 line, which has an expected in-service date of the summer of 2016, is one of several projects to expand and improve transmission infrastructure in northern Mississippi and southwest Tennessee portions of TVA’s region.

Later this fall, TVA will determine the preferred route for improvements to the transmission system in the Selmer-Adamsville, Tenn., area. That proposed project consists of a new switching station and a new, 15-mile 161-kV transmission line that would connect the existing Selmer 161-kV substation to the proposed West Adamsville switching station.

Two additional proposed 161-kV lines would also tie into the new switching station – the Henderson-West Adamsville transmission line and the West Adamsville-Pickwick 161-kV transmission line. That project is expected to be in service in January 2016.

In addition, a $55m TVA transmission infrastructure project in the southern portion of TVA’s Mississippi District came on line in June. The new 500-kV substation in Clay County, Miss., will expand power capacity and improve system reliability, according to TVA.