FERC approves errata change to NERC’s glossary of terms

FERC on Sept. 13 approved an errata change to the North American Electric Reliability Corp.’s (NERC) glossary of terms.

On March 16, NERC submitted a filing requesting that the NERC glossary of terms be amended to modify the definition of interconnection reliability operating limit (IROL) by replacing the reference to cascading outages with cascading outages.

According to NERC, the proposed term cascading outages was remanded in the commission order, which approved the term IROL.

Notice of the NERC’s filing was issued on July 25 with protests and interventions due on or before Aug. 15. No protests were filed.

“This order constitutes final agency action. Requests for rehearing by the commission may be filed within 30 days of the date of issuance of this order,” FERC said.