Energy group seeks extension on Dodd-Frank Act

Edison Electric Institute (EEI), American Gas Association (AGA) and Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA) filed a request with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission to extend the compliance dates of the regulations implementing the Dodd-Frank Act by a minimum of 12 months.

According to the group, more time is needed after all the rules are issued to ensure that energy industry participants have sufficient time to develop a comprehensive program to comply with the commission’s new rules and regulations.

“We appreciate the commissions’ willingness to continue to address issues and receive comments in the rulemaking process,” the group stated.

“More time is also necessary so that uncertainty as to rules and regulations does not inadvertently disrupt the liquidity of the derivatives markets and the delivery of wholesale, non-financial commodities related to electric and gas operations—both of which could result in higher prices for consumers, as well as commodity market participants.”